- but not going insane!

February 2023

Much confusion and not a little distress has resulted from we the people giving unto Caesar (our Governments and ruling authorities) the things that are…
Only if “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) is allowed to control what human beings have called the “soul,” does it become capable of competing with the…
"What's it to you?"

January 2023

And looming nuclear doomsday
As a warning to those who believe that the human race is up for sale and enslavement, remember that we who believe in freedom always win and you always…

December 2022

Death may be “the great leveller” - but so is the Christmas carol. In God’s economy, it is the instrument of egalitarian bliss that has consistently…
Our girlfriends and wives can touch Christmas as if with a magic wand and transform it into a charmed foretaste of Heaven itself. Our sisters can do…

November 2022

What is the ideal rate of growth of an economy - any economy? The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is supposed to grow and grow and grow - and if it does…
The long arm of consumption has afflicted our Western nations ever since the Industrial Revolution and some of my readers may discern that the title of…
Dear covid vaccinated fellow human beings, We the covid unvaccinated unwashed do not wish to tell you “I told you so.” Francis Christian’s Essays is a…
- than the doctor, the scientist, the lawyer, the philosopher, the college professor, the politician and the bureaucrat