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This essay is the best I have read on how to face what happened to us, both the unvaxxed and the vaxxed. The most sober and thrufull analysis. Thank you Mr. Christian, somebody had to do say it and you did. May the Holy Spirit continue to inspire you sir.

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I very much doubt the genuine sentiment of this essay is reciprocated from the injected. I am old enough to remember the all-out orchestrated, socially engineered othering and segregation of the unstabbed by almost anyone and everyone of prominence that vast swathes of the injected mindlessly went along with. We ignore the ease with which that happened in plain sight at our peril.

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Never forget that many of the elected “officials” wanted to liquidate those of us who refused to go along.

The “virus” was the distraction.

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A beautiful letter full of humanity that the militant "vaxxers" sorely lack. Yes, we understand the impact of the fear campaign and crude propaganda war that many could not resist. However, we should never ever forget those who were ready to persecute, vilify and discriminate against the unvaxxed, who did resist and refused to get jabbed with an experimental concoction used as an obvious tool to achieve sinister political goals. This is how fascism, communism, pol-potism, and every other kind of murderous dictatorship succeeds. This should never be forgotten and forgiven because if there is no pushback they will try it again and again.

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They’re already trying again. Watch closely the news, and check out one of the speakers at the B20 today. He’s advocating that the G20 nations restart the vaccine passports like they’ve done in Bali, arguing that putting this back in place will allow governments to more quickly mobilize against the “next pandemic”.

There’s also a new Lancet piece out arguing again for forced vaccination against covid, incredibly trying to link the unvaccinated to scary new variants. They’re pushing the idea that no ones safe unless we’re all safe. The people pushing this agenda failed this last time to achieve their end goals, and they’re pissed and are determined to not the repeat the “mistakes” they made the last time by being too lenient on protesters and “anti-vaxxers”. They plan to come down hard next time.

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Oh yes, they’re at it again. It’s going to be an ever louder chorus calling for forced jabs and putting those resisting into camps or God knows where. This is why we need to be organised and push back hard NOW before it is too late.

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I hope real Christians have their eyes opened to their gub’mt being the throne of iniquity,

Psalm 94:20

“Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with thee, which frameth mischief by a law?“

That this was indeed God’s delusion.

Isaiah 66:4

“I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not.“

That the perpetrators were akin to modern day Chaldeans, allowed power for the present to be God’s sword.

Habakkuk 1:6

“For, lo, I raise up the Chaldeans, that bitter and hasty nation, which shall march through the breadth of the land, to possess the dwellingplaces that are not their's.“

And it is because we rejected He’s Law and:

Jeremiah 5:31

“The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and

my people love to have it so:

and what will ye do in the end thereof?“

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A beautiful written article. Amen

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This is a beautiful essay.

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Yes, we the unvaxxed DO wish to tell the vaxxed we told you so. If we don't then they'll take more of these untested, idiotic injections. Most of the vaxxed have some level of vascular damage and immune system damage. How long before illness manifests is unknown. The only way the unvaxxed will save themselves from government coercion is if the vaxxed rise up and demand the heads of those who poisoned them.

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Wow! ... Wonderfully stated. More gracious than I would have been.

I had the great good fortune to find Dr. Zelenko in March 2020, Dr. Marik in April 2020, Dr. Kory in May. They kept me informed and safe. And because the FLCCC protocols are in multiple languages, I was able to send them to friends in Mexico. Saved some lives.

These wonderful men have paid a high price to be honest. They are national treasures. I donate as I can.

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It may seem like a heart warming essay, giving people a Noble feeling of greatness and forgiveness, but to me it is utmost naive. This forced vaccine story is just at the start, and the sequel of unjabbed-hunting will be there very soon, executed by those asking for forgiveness now.

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Well stated. I simply cannot imagine even one jabbed person I know reading this and saying...

" Oh, bless you."

I could well imagine a litany of profanity as a response to my suggestion they were wrong about anything.

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Thank you for the spirit of compassion and human solidarity in this essay. The COVID period reminds of some aspects of what I imagine WW1 was. The poem "In Flanders Fields," written in 1915, might portray the conviction that many people had at the time that this (unnecessary) war was essential to fight ("take up our quarrel with the foe")--but note how the disillusionment with this disastrous war that many people felt by 1918 and beyond seems to be reflected in Leonard Cohen's ominous reading of the poem: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKoJvHcMLfc>. And it is very sad to remember that the disillusionment with WW1 was followed not by sustainable peace but by the horrific WW2 (in which fighting to defeat the Nazis did become essential, not just a destructive game). This is meaningful to keep in mind in the context of Covid because as people are becoming disillusioned, it is vital that we embrace principles of peacefulness, human solidarity and compassion to avoid Covid being a part of a destructive trajectory. Hopefully this time we can achieve a renaissance of integrity and genuine values.

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Cohen is not brought up often enough in these perilous times. He had the vision and insight that only a perceptive poet can have. Why do we keep listening to the fang-bared and skull-grinned bureaucrats and technocrats and never to the poets? Just this morning I came upon this little vignette, a summary of his prognostications about the Future:

Leonard Cohen - You're not going to like what comes after America


Revisit the song "Democracy" and "The Future", among others and listen attentively. He saw it all coming.

"I've seen the nations rise and fall

I've heard their stories, heard them all

But love's the only engine of survival"

RIP Leonard Cohen

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I seriously doubt very many jabbed will read this with any interest. Well...perhaps I should say, the jabbed I know.

I have yet to hear of, or from even one of them, that they were wrong, and deceived.

On the other hand....a deacon at a local Baptist church...whom I invite for coffee regularily...just said this. " Well, I guess the way the government handled it was right." The goverment being Nova Scotia.

Handling it right included all the same mess everywhere else. Loss of freedom....access...work....travel....

ad naseum. Lots of vitriol handed out to the unjabbed...and intentional government silencing. The gubment of that day was Liberal. I do not recall any provincial Liberal apologizing to unjabbed Nova Scotians for the unfettered vitriol that was a part of Trudeaus every day vernacular. I have yet to see any reference in any newspaper that there was mistreatment on any level. No politician...other than in Alberta has suggested that the unjabbed were treated with gross injustice.

I have no idea who your audience is with this piece?

I suspect very, very few of the jabbed will endorse this olive branch.

As I said....none that I know would find any consolation in this...and neither would they agree they were duped.

To the writer....has your experience been different?

Perhaps as an experiment I will send this out to my jabbed contacts for their perusal. I suggest everyone do the same and make note of any responses it may elicit....and let us know.

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Those of us living may not taste or see the victory in our life. How many millions of others have paved these hideous roads with their blood? Our victory however is not the here and now...it is our future that is the victory.

Yeshua Messiah will return and bring justice to a desolate land. The wicked shall perish and the meek shall inherit.

We do not know what the daily unfolding of this will look like...and we do not know our own personal temporary fate...What we do know is that victory is sealed in Messiah.

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"healthy children are at negligible risk of covid related death "

Let's come all the way home and state that no human being alive was ever at any risk of 'covid related death' unless the injection of the faux-vaccine is counted as covid related. There is not and never was any such thing as a "covid virus". The disease is entirely imaginary, as proven by the fact that no specimen of the virus is available for study or for use in producing a test or a vaccine.

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I hope it is true that the jabbed will not die from the shots, but I still have friends dying from them. I know 12 that have died and 4 more it looks like are on their way out. These from a small community of poor people in Ecuador that blindly followed the advice of their government. It looks like more of a well planned depopulation agenda to me, than a mistake.

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You are a hero. May god be with you and guide us through this mess. Thank you for your efforts sir.❤

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Hi Dr Christian! In honour of the anniversary of the Freedom Convoy 2022, I'm hosting a blog at www.convoyLIVE.com discussing the social, political, medical, and religious topics that surrounded the Freedom Convoy. Every day we'll release an article by a different author. Would you be open to republishing this essay as a contribution? You can reach me at 360press@protonmail.com

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