You have practically presented an otherwise emotional consensus of history, politics, and spirituality. Thank you for your points and prose, organizing disparate items into a digestible feast of facts. I agree, for what that is worth.

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All of this is good. However.

At the moment, media don’t report demonstrations. Either at all, or they lie & hugely understate numbers. They lie about motives & pick the worst behaviours to focus upon (if they mention it at all). It’s a very successful set of techniques from the tyrants. It works.

Unless the major media can be somehow forced to report demonstrations, while they serve other purposes, principally to show each other that large numbers of people share our objections, civil disobedience won’t succeed.

Also, an insufficient number of people are awake and wiling and able to demonstrate. Only a tiny number can do so often. These numbers are simple to counter: ignore & if necessary, overwhelming force would be applied by the authorities.

I think other means of objecting are required. I’ve experienced people on our side being unwilling to go to cash for everything that can be paid for in cash. Too inconvenient, apparently. I find that devastating that we won’t even do that.

And while I don’t know what to do, the civil action must be something that cannot be ignored, like the Canadian truckers, the Dutch farmers.

In closing, I absolutely agree that IF effective mass objections can be found, we can stop the tyrants. This is an important article, because it shows what can work, given certain preconditions.

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You are right that it will take more people...People are sheep...if we can awaken the sheep to follow the truth! You mentioned Boycotting...which is one of the best moves as this attacks them where it hurts the most! MONEY AND PROFITS! If we can share Boycotting of their goods they sell...I already practice this...but if we can get more sheep to boycott as well...

Vax is one of the best boycotts at the moment...but there are many more...Blackrock and Vanguard, any of their wef companies...pharmaceuticals, major banks, maybe make a huge boycott list....that some people are not aware of... :-)

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I fully agree and while history gives us many examples - this is a unique moment in history and we've never seen a world-wide propaganda campaign like this before. Global control grid attempt, fully legacy media complicity. We can borrow surely from history, but we'll also need to think on our feet.

CBDC's are coming, and I hope enough has woken up, to resist that essential piece to the grid. We'll see.

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You may wish to revisit that awful War of Northern Aggression. Sherman’s March to the Sea was a devastating crime against humanity, following the orders of a tyrant. History’s pen is dipped in the ink well of the winners.

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For people to resist tyranny, they first have to recognize what they are living through as tyranny--and hopefully to have viable alternatives. But we have been highly conditioned to accept the vaccines as harmless and heroic and the masks as a minor inconvenience and heroic. We have also been living through a technological revolution that facilitated a lot of convenience for many people by enabling many of us to work entirely or partly from home. This transformation in the workplace was bound to happen thanks to technology, but for many people it happened overnight with COVID being the misleading and heroic explanation as to why we must work from home. Working from home has many benefits that make many of us more likely to tolerate the gaslighting of COVID culture. For most people, following social cues, feeling a sense of belonging and taking care of ourselves and our loved ones is a much more powerful force than critical thinking or liberty--which makes significant resistance unlikely. Liberty does live within the human heart, but it can also take very long naps, especially when the bed has soft and breathable sheets.

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