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In reading your essay, I am reminded of a song. A great Canadian song. From the Canada that *was* before these dark, inverted times. In fact, from a great Canadian as well. Some of the metaphors, the allusions within the song resonate with your own herein. Here are just two verses:

"We asked for signs

The signs were sent:

The birth betrayed

The marriage spent

Yeah the widowhood

Of every government

Signs for all to see

I can't run no more

With that lawless crowd

While the killers in high places

Say their prayers out loud

But they've summoned up, they've summoned up

A thundercloud

And they're going to hear from me"

(Thankfully, we've heard from *you* Dr. Christian)

Ironically, the song is called "Anthem".

Here is a lovely performance: https://youtu.be/48AJBXs5dNc

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And Canada's Senate is the final obstacle to Trudeau-Singh's Canadian totalitarianism in terms of speech control. We'll see when Bill C-11 passes through the Senate in September/October.

American journalist Christopher Rufo has started a series of fantastic vids on Youtube on the mechanics of how the hard left took hold into all institutions. Highly recommend! All of his work is wonderful.

I'm optimistic. I feel that all this filth needs to come into full view in order to be destroyed.

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Thank you.

The slow creep of the western version of tyranny has brought people to squint under the increasing weight. And many have reached the point of blindness. One doesn't need to widen eyes more than a sliver to recognise: there is no ultimate suppression of the human spirit. In our vulnerability, our truth also shines. And from that, springs our strength ... sooner or later.

This beautiful essay helps to lift the gaze ... 🙏✨💖

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