Yes, I’ve finally realised this to be true. Friends lost were never really friends.

For my family we lost our church and the friendship of our pastors. But we gained a beautiful home church full of new and true friends.

By God’s grace our extended family relationships are unharmed.

We are in Geelong, near Melbourne, Australia.

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I can attest to this. I “lost” a number of people I thought were friends but gained true like-minded friends/sisters. Fortunately my family did not shun me even though I was the only one to resist these shots. I am grateful for that 🙏🏻

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Thank you. A beautiful reminder.

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Thank you for your thoughtful reflection, Dr. Christian. I'd like to expand on your statement "and that we are now on the cusp of turning this around and living out our years on earth in the best of times." Participating in a weekly virtual forum of freedom advocates early in the covid era has led to a few of us meeting virtual every week to share and pray. Covid has been the stimulus that helped us find each other, become brothers in Christ and develop an urgent sense of our true mission in God. That's how we can make this "the best of times".

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Dr Christen the Kracken variant was being pushed in January. We were all unmasked and vaccinated and unvaccinated living and working together travelling and enjoying life normally especiallly if you ignored the media and doctors and politicians spewing the kracken variant surging. It never surged. It dwindled out as it was ignored. The fear mongerers were ignored. That was a great time for humanity and outing the fraud. Vaccine uptake was very low in January thus came the same people trying to scare us.

The Eris variant scare started a month ago. Exact playbook as the kracken variant. If we ignore them and live normally and refuse any more shots it should dwindle out. The vaccine travel mandates mootness hearing as per Shaun Rickard is Oct 10th in Ottawa. The focus needs to be on the fear mongering of Kracken variant that never occurred yet 2x dosed were over 18 months without any vaxxes and unvaccinated never had one. The fraud of David Fisman put to the Ontario Provincial Police in a 150 page report supported by the fact the kracken variant that wasnt scary like they lied and the fraud model paper of Fisman trumpeted in the news media unvaccinated mixing with the vaccinated that is lies should be discussed in the federal court. Also we know cash for access got judges appointed so the police need to investigate all the rulings in favor of the government narrative for extortion and bribery.

The NCI needs to go full speed with Shaun Rickard and all you great doctors to expose the lies. You cannot mandate a vaccine at the same time as your paying out huge for vaccine injuries and death. Pretty stupid eh. So the whole premise of vaccine passports on planes and trains was crucified from the beginning. How many with heart history were denied health exemptions and refused travel on planes or trains. Many. Just one of the many harms of vaccine mandates based on lies. The kracken variant hype proves it. It disappeared as fast as it came as it was ignored by most. Only the same players pushed the fear. I think so many save it all for future reference. It outs the lies and real threats to health.

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Genuine love is contagious and so is courage and people gravitate to it so lesson learned when dealing with scared people especially family is to be an example of courage. Uphold your human rights and never swerve. Tell them you respect their choice and do not stand in their way so then respect yours. But you will never be silenced on the issue of everyones right to an informed decision and need to allow that to everyone and cover up of vaccine injuries and the harms cannot be tolerated. A crime was committed against the unvaccinated and families cannot be complicit in that crime against humanity. A crime was committed against all forced to take the vaccines for whatever reason so we are all interested in outing that crime. Hatred is unacceptable.

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Our inner family did not succumb to this tyrannical jab. We stood together in joy and tiers. As my wife stated on winter night as she cleaned the sidewalk. I am paving the way so our children can visit us in the still of the night where no one can see our family gatherings. Christmas time I picked up our 2 sons and daughter in laws to spend This special time of year together. We drove 4 hours to see our daughter and her family and granddaughters Boxing Day . We meet in a park. We brought food a propane fire pit and bbq hotdogs. Exchanged gifts . We did what every parent wanted to do. We got together as a family.

God bless everyone

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Jeremiah 34.17 provides insight into the self-destructive nature of depriving others of liberty. Those who deprive others of liberty will ultimately be “free” to exist within the power-oriented reality that they have created for themselves (the specific context that Jeremiah is speaking about is the Israelites’ refusal to follow rules about releasing slaves):

"17 Therefore thus saith the LORD: Ye have not hearkened unto Me, to proclaim liberty, every man to his brother, and every man to his neighbour; behold, I proclaim for you a liberty, saith the LORD, unto the sword, unto the pestilence, and unto the famine; and I will make you a horror unto all the kingdoms of the earth."


Paradoxically, under certain circumstances, being deprived of liberty can create the liberty to better understand the world and to built better relationships.

There are great paintings of Jeremiah by Michelangelo and by Rembrandt:



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You writing is such a delight to read and how true are the words that God replaces our loss with something greater if we trust in Him.

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Amen and amen.

Bless you and your family dr Christian.

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You have been a fierce and loving defender of love for humanity and freedom at great cost to yourself. So grateful for your courage and presentation of the truth. God is our rock and refuge, a very present help in trouble. We live in perilous times, but God is accomplishing salvation on the earth. Praise the LORD.

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