Absolutely. Our job as parents is indeed to train up our children. Questions are good. We all learn by asking and discovering. Children need to learn that their parents would do nothing to harm them, only help them. Therefore, yes, the parent must be in control and they hopefully are teaching God fearing values. Scripture says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom! Indeed. Parents who do not obey God have a hard time getting their kids to obey them.... that is obvious when you watch some parents and their children in restaurants, stores, etc. We have to, as parents, teach our kids what hopefully they will teach to their kids. Not doing that is disastrous. Teaching begins when the child is born, not later. Start young so you can be proud of hard working, respectful, kind children who grow up to be those kind of adults. We need that more and more these days, not less.

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Truth, thank you. I love the book by Mike Pearl, "To Train Up a Child" as a guide for training children.

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Wonderful, deep advice! Thank you Dr. Christian!

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I love getting this man’s newsletters, but this one troubles me. Maybe I am not getting it? Teach our children to not obey their parents? This is not biblical. God says honor your parents and it will go well with you. I know many Christians whose children rejected the shot because they believed and listened to their parents. Question everything yes, and if parents are asking for obedience outside God’s commands then Obeying God trumps even that. Obeying parents can be a life and death situation. We told our children not to take the shot, 2 out of 3 took it. They were adults and made their own choices. Now they get to wonder if they will suffer an adverse event? Maybe they should have listened to their parents? Adults get to make their own choices. I don’t think it would have mattered what we said to our kids, the two were not willing to go through the persecution of not getting the shot. They listened to other voices.

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Jan 20·edited Jan 20Author

Thank you for your comment.

Nowhere do I ask children not to obey their parents. What I recommend against is for parents to demand unquestioning obedience. We must teach children to question everything and think for themselves. This will always mean more time invested by parents in explaining and reasoning with children - always a good thing. The latter is also much more likely to lead to obedience.

"Honour thy father and thy mother" is one of the Ten Commandments and very important - but it does not necessarily include unquestioning obedience. There are several ways for a child to honour its father and mother - one way is to ask questions, knowing that it will get a good answer.

There were Christian parents too, during the pandemic, who were misled by the propaganda and asked/forced their children to get vaccinated - if they had trained their children to question everything, both parents and children might have reasoned this together and come to a different conclusion.

Many thanks again.

God bless you.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond. I have a question if you have time. Why all the vaccines for children. I am expecting a new Grand Baby in late March. It’s my eldest son’s first child. He didn’t take the vaccine and isn’t feeling good about subjecting his baby to 20 vaccines in the first year. He says the vaccines are a false promise that you won’t get sick. I vaccinated him, he has ADD. I feel bad for these kids as I have heard there is a lot of pressure at the well baby check ups to vaccinate. Why not let these babies build their immune systems the natural way? Especially when they are being nursed. I have sent a couple of books for my daughter in law to read. Thankfully she is questioning why so many.

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As you stated, they were not kids any longer! At the point they become adults, they make their own choices. I have three children all adults, and one believes in the jab, believes in vaccinations, has three children, and two have syndromes that border on attention deficit, slight learning disabilities, and if I bring up the possibility or even suggest that they could be related, she gets defensive. I was just as ignorant about vaccines when they were little, and this is because like most people I thought they must be safe and necessary because the medical establishment said so. These were the days of non-critical thought, and sadly for me, it is my own fault because I did not question everything. This is what we are taught not to do. Be a good little sheep, don't make waves with logical argument's by questioning the EXPERTS, right? If a parent is under Gods authority, as are most Amish, they do not get vaccinations, do not suffer the kind of maladies we sheep do. I had all the childhood diseases when I was young, and none killed me or anyone else that I knew. I had measles, mumps, chicken pox, no vaccine needed, then years after these maladies were gone, they came out with the jabs. and made them mandatory, why? For the money$$$$$$$$$$ Now how many are on the schedule? 40-50? this is insane as the instances of associated health, both physical and neurological have exploded over the years that more and more were added. The Doctors don't even know what is in them, but they will tell you not to worry as they are safe, effective and necessary! What a crock. Now we know the truth about viruses being a complete lie as is virology. Proven scientifically by Dr. Sam Bailey in two videos that this Unicorn called a virus is a fraud so how much do you still trust your own government? It is not yours any longer, and no one represents you unless you are a huge corporation. This is reality, and if you do not agree then you may still reside in the matrix. Question everything, take nothing on the word of the so-called experts because they have ulterior motives that protect their profession, their income and the fraud that many of them actually know is real. They are coming for our children, and we need to be in the way! Jack.

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I appreciate your thoughts here. I will do more investigating on the virus theory, hadn't heard about that but my husband had. I don't claim not to be a sheep. I think I am susceptible to following like anyone else. I believe the difference is that I know who my shepherd is and I follow Him first. This keeps me from following other voices. In the beginning I knew people who thought it through and decided to take the vaccine. Later they were horrified at the pressure that started showing up. They felt like they took it of their own free will. They didn't like seeing people pressured and knew it was wrong.

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I think you misunderstand his advice! He is not asking children to disobey; he is asking you to answer questions by children, and not just say because I told you to. He is saying take the time and effort to explain questions to a person who has not experienced the world and things are perplexing to them. It takes a great deal of effort to take the time to do the work, and it is easier to just write them off by saying you will understand when you are older. Even if they do not completely understand an explanation it is a beginning, Jack.

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Jan 24·edited Jan 24

I don't have any children of my own, but I imagine that a lot of people who do will ask, "So, where does the questioning end, and the obedience begin?"

If, after multiple attempts to explain the reasons for any order or command, the child still asks, "Why?," what then? When does the questioning end? At some point, the parents have given all of the reasons that are necessary to give, and it then becomes incumbent on the child to obey. Children can play the "Why?" game all day long. At some point the explaining ends and the obeying begins.

When is that time?

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Exactly!! I know this, God cares about obedience.

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This demonstrates why the family is essential to society, and why outside forces are determined to eradicate it.

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Sage advice, Dr. Christian. I will add that fostering critical thinking skills in our children by giving them the freedom to ask questions isn't enough. To guard against being deceived we must teach them to recognize that first and foremost God protects us from pathogens through our exquisitely optimized immune system which it is our responsibility to keep healthy but which pharmaceutical interventions harm. (see u-call-the-shots.blogspot.com) Secondly, we must put into practice the underlying concepts of our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and thirdly, we must display fierce courage to resist tyranny, even sacrificially.

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Dear Dr. Christian, I applaud your essay on “WHY, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE AND HOW,” and totally agree! After recently viewing a YouTube short video, where a question was proposed to two young ladies (18-19) asking “...if one is traveling at 80 mph how much time would it take to travel 80 miles!

The young ladies took over a few minutes to come up with their answers and said “2 hours and then 1.45 hours!” This revealed to me my homeschooled child of 11 was able to answer 1 hour while publicly educated university attending young adults had no fricking idea! The public and private education system is training obedience to the state and not educating our youth!

Parents are kept so busy earning a living they fail to teach their children common sense and do not have the ability to educate their children themselves! What is the remedy? Start living on one salary and start educating your children at home! Yes, everyone has the ability to teach! Try using ABEKA homeschooling curriculum out of Pensacola, Florida!

Parents can fashion exactly what they want to teach their children towards a classic education and help their children receive critical thinking and problem solving skills too when utilizing ABEKA! There are other homeschool curriculum providers but ABEKA has the best available educational resources that I have personally utilized over the past 6 years, and it is Christian based. They provide the Christian educational material at no additional cost and if there are atheists that do not want to utilize that educational portion all they have to do is not teach it!

Our children are starving for true factual information and learning and the damn screens are not going to fill their educational appetites. Parents start helping your children by listening and attempting to answer their questions. Teach them to ask why, where, when, what and how!

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Jan 24·edited Jan 24

You were taking a trip to the next town that is 60 miles away and lies on the other side of the mountain.

Your car struggles up the mountain the first half of the trip and you average 30 miles an hour to the halfway point.

How fast do you have to go down the mountain on the second half of the trip to average 60 miles an hour for the entire trip?

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Agree 100 %- it’s time parents BE parents!!!

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Hear, hear!

In addition, an excerpt from one of my posts:

"Do you know who protected me — a low-risk, healthy individual — from taking the risky, leaky experimental shots?

It wasn't my doctor, my family, the President, Congress, the Supreme Court, my governor, the state health department, the FDA, the CDC, NIH, big Pharma, any scientist, or the media.

It was Me.

If there was any one thing that indirectly protected me from the experiment other than myself, it is my belief in freewill and natural law — inalienable rights granted to me by simply being a human being — upheld by the U.S. Constitution.

If there was any one person that indirectly protected me from the experiment other than myself, it was my middle school and high school science teachers who taught me how to perform and evaluate PROPER SCIENTIFIC METHOD."

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I also did the same thing. My Doctor at the VA asked me if I wanted the jab followed by its safe and effective! I said no and did not want to hear it again. You see I was around when the false HIV= AIDS lie was put out by Fauci, and I knew about him and his handlers. You see I question everything! This made no logical sense to me. The lockdowns, masks, distancing, medications that were safe and effective being outlawed. I also knew about the eugenics movement and how long it has been in the planning. If you have not read the book by Eustice Mullins, Murder by injection, then you are way behind the curve. Allopathic medicine is a for profit over people system. The Rockefellers gained control over medical practice, medical schools, public schools, pharmaceuticals as a control and profit system. If you think the US has the best healthcare system in the world, then you would be wrong. The alternative news, history are the real sources of truth. I suggest going to Dr. Sam Baileys site and being stunned into reality by her brilliant truth about the practice of so-called medicine. Jack.

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Not sure I believe in anyone wholly, but I take a little bit here and there and change my views when I see I'm wrong. I go more by personal life experience, lots of observation, logic, memory ... I have also looked at blood under the microscope, vaxxed and unvaxxed, same people over more than a year. Very eye-opening. More than anything I try my best to manage stress, not just by avoiding it, which is impossible, but by prioritizing and handling by means of action for what's necessary.

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I will ask where you obtain these little bits that change your views. I have a friend who will not look at evidence of the covid fraud! He states that logic and his own experience tell him what is true. It has taken me a lifetime to find the purposely hidden truth of a great many things. It has been a painful journey that most people would not even try to explore. Most want to be told what the truth is, and if this were not true the mainstream news would not exist! I will ask if you believe in virology, germ theory, Pasteur's supposed scientific proofs. Did you know that MMR and many childhood diseases were 99% eradicated years before the vaccines were made mandatory. Do you believe the US has the best health care system in the world. The best outcomes in the world. Do you know who the Federation of states medical boards are? Would you be surprised to find out that this private and secretive organization is not a state or federal agency, and yet all state medical boards take their marching orders from them. This organization was started in 1913 by who knows, is funded by who knows! It was the same year that the FED and the income tax were enacted! Coincidence? Maybe but the real question is did you know about this secretive organization having control over the state's medical boards? Ask yourself why. Do you think that you were taught any real history about anything? If so, how do you know? I question everything especially when it makes no sense.

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I was mostly wrong about what people would do, not the medical community. I thought the vax would never get mandated, I was wrong. I thought people would look before leaping, I was wrong.

It was my questioning on my own that protected me. I share many of the things I've learned, already knew, or questioned on my substack.






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Thank you, lee! I, like Vera Sharav see verry similar tactics that the Nazis used in Germany. In fact, Hitler gained control by a backdoor tactic just like the WHO is attempting to do now. Once his party was in control, they preceded to enact some similar control mechanisms. One thing they did immediately was mandatory gun confiscation, and this has been a slow tactic in this country, and in the UK, New Zeeland, Australia it also happened over night, so the British influenced countries were able to do this because they do not have our Constitution. But in Nazi Germany they confiscated all firearms, then changed the medical practices into something twisted. All groups of differing peoples were required to wear patches on their clothing to set them apart. It is the same strategy that masking, distancing, isolation, and insane protocols put in place of normal health care standards. This all by design for control training (Trust the experts.) I saw these insane practices firsthand. I was asked if I was going to take the vaccine and stated absolutely not. I knew about Fauci, and the HIV-AIDS fraud and I did not trust anything he said. The bigger picture here is that this is part of a eugenics project, and not just a one-off set of mistakes. This was planned by our own government that does not represent us any longer. Virology is a false science, and if you actually see how they come up with this Unicorn you would see plainly that a virus does not exist, germ theory is still just that a theory never proven in over a century or more, so we must ask ourselves why. Look no further than Bill Gates statement's about vaccines! He stated that if we do a really good job with them, we should be able to reduce the population by 15% over the next ten years. Who missed this statement? If vaccines are supposed to cure or prevent disease, then what do they have to do with reducing the population? The Club of Rome stated that we need to reduce the world population down to one billion by peaceful means. Translation, murder us by injection, sterilization. No new births or still births, no fertility of men or women would do the trick. This is as obvious as the nose on our faces. Think about the implications of no virus! It is smoke and mirrors to keep us trapped in a false fear based dystopian box, I find that most people will defend their most valuable possession, their ignorance. Let us RED PILL and exit the matrix, Jack.

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Critical thinking and asking the LORD for wisdom will prove to help one survive in this present darkness.

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Of course article titles are used to grab attention but...

Danger ahead Captain.

Genesis 3 NLT

1 The serpent was the shrewdest of all the wild animals the LORD God had made. One day he asked the woman, “Did God really say you must not eat the fruit from any of the trees in the garden?”

2 “Of course we may eat fruit from the trees in the garden,” the woman replied. 3 “It’s only the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden that we are not allowed to eat. God said, ‘You must not eat it or even touch it; if you do, you will die.’ 4 “You won’t die!” the serpent replied to the woman. 5“God knows that your eyes will be opened as soon as you eat it, and you will be like God, knowing both good and evil.”

Who is the ultimate authority? Self because I get to question everything?

Critical thinking has to be developed. But it is not, when we "question everything". Raising children has to involve teaching trust and obedience to proper authority at the proper time. Much is gained through listening, observing and thinking critically inordrer to arrive at understanding. When the mouth is open and words are flowing not much thinking is occurring.

It is ever more difficult to converse, these days, as people do not listen very well! It takes time to express an idea, especially, with nuance.

Have you tried to listen to panel "discussions / debates" recently with everyone talking over (questioning) each other? Useless!

From teaching children to adults there must be respectful listening and processing time. We need to "work / think" through things to develop rationality.

My basketball coach says call a time-out and I ask why? I will be sitting beside Him the rest of the game to figure out why.

There is a time and place for questioning but not everything all the time.

Try to run a house full of children or company with "adults" using that guiding principle!

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Agree. I believe it's good to answer children's questions and let them know why in some instances. But there are critical situations that children just need to obey quickly. Parents have the knowledge to see what's coming. Children often don't.

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I see that you quoted Huxley. He and his family were eugenics proponents, so he is no hero himself. His dystopian book was not a warning, it was a wish. Be careful who you quote without background on the person you quote! I go to a gym named Exalt, and on a sign at the front door it gives several definitions of this word exalt. One of them quotes George Elliot! I find this funny because George Elliot was a pen name for a woman who was an atheist and living with a married man! I agree about questioning everything because this is exactly what the leviathan does not want, and exactly why we should. Understanding is the best thing in the world.

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You're absolutely correct. That may have been the biggest reason for all the madness. Most people did not ask a single question.

Hmm, I wonder how lockdown works for those who don't live in big houses like Fauci the roach? Hmm, I wonder how lockdowns work for the abuser and the abused?

Why are they making people stay indoors when the best place to be is outdoors?

Why are they saying "Don't try to treat"?

And on and on.

Is the lack of questioning a lack of curiosity or is it the desire to comply with "authority"? And questioning from an early age is natural unless stifled and nothing stifles like screen time. Here's to curiosity.

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This is a wonderful account ,and gets to the heart of the problem.

As you are saying, we are well past acceptance of what authority says. And so parents need to permit a friendly arena at home to give time and free practice time to their children, so they can learn this essential,urgent skill.

Clearly schools, universities are lost and irredeemable until the purge of the Augean stables. Anything that the corporate media says via all and every orifice that they muster , must automatically be mocked to scorn and fully rejected. As Orwell says- news is what they don't want you to know. Whereas the corporate slurry since Trump/ Brexit and COVID are intended to flood us like a tidal barrage. All lies.

You need Jesus to discern the real from the fake, you need the Tanakh to understand the broad principles and Paul to give you our daily condition.

No other way now.

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Yes, we should indeed teach this to our children. However, I am certain that most, if not all of you, are aware that our children will face backlash if they speak up. They will be targeted by their teachers, municipal politicians, and media conglomerates.

I propose that instead of solely educating our children about this issue, we take tangible action to address it. It is our generation's responsibility for allowing these problems to persist and transfer to the next generation, who had no hand in creating them and will have even fewer resources to combat them.

The only glimmer of hope I perceive is in the youngest generation, often referred to as Generation Z, which shows resistance to anti-Semitic rhetoric and remains unfazed by derogatory labels when voicing the undeniable truth.

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Well stated!

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"Questioning everything must be regarded as an essential survival skill that parents have the sacred duty to teach their children."

As you state, this is a key truth. It was not critical at the time I was growing up to *know* it, but anyone not taught this as a child or learned through experience as a young adult likely fell prey to the evil "leading" us.

As an engineer, I could no more stop asking why than I could stop breathing. And again fortunately, my entire career has been solving complex system problems where there is no perfect solution and the symptoms often seem to not make sense individually or as a whole. Those problems don't dissuade me; they entice me. Very fortunate, I was.

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