Thank you for writing this essay. Good reminder to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith; who for the joy set before him … that is the story our universe spins around; acknowledged or no. And so this Christmas, with His joy set before us , we can sing, eat, drink , remember and believe that His crucified body and shed blood has completely removed not only the sins of all those placing their trust in Him but also the guilt of that sin. We are forever people, whose joy is full and overflowing but not yet complete.

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My God! Do you mean to imply that what I took for a functional society was actually an enormous Skinner Box of relentless conditioning, shaping and molding us to its diabolical ends the whole while?

I'm afraid 'tis so. Be vigilant, friends. Be humble and alive and renounce all this.

"The age of lust is giving birth, and both the parents ask

The nurse to tell them fairy tales on both sides of the glass

And now the infant with his cord is hauled in like a kite

And one eye filled with blueprints, one eye filled with night"

Leonard Cohen - Stories of the Street

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Much appreciated, this message should be spoken of with children also.

I was raised in the Church of England in Australia, Mother & Father totally involved, as were my brother and I. Never have I known that St Nicholas was a disciple.

Very timely thoughts and information, during this time in man's History as we need to think deeply of that which we have taken for granted. across many areas of our lives, and I am not only referring to the Christmas period.

We have and are being assaulted and abused to the depths of our being, and it's all encompassing, and time for ALL people to set aside time and conversation with each other and their families, friends to make THEIR EFFORT to restore HUMANITY to its fullest positive, creative capacities.

May you & your family have a fulfilling Christmas and full health. And may all good peoples have a much better New Year as we ALL work towards this goal-

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