I don’t find I struggle to forgive those who made mistakes during the last couple of years but I am struggling with those who still choose not to see it , continue to promote the fear and still don’t see that the unvaccinated were treated terribly. I am a christian and love Jesus and know I must forgive as I have been forgiven but I have to admit it is a struggle.

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Beautifully said, Dr. At a micro-level, I'm having a hard time letting go of wrongs committed. I'm working on forgiveness (for family & friends).

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This morning I rode up the elevator with my dear 97 yr old neighbour, who had a Tim's coffee and breakfast. I know he always used to stay at Tim's and enjoy coffee with a couple friends, so I asked him why he wasn't enjoying breakfast with his friends. He said, in an angry, scolding tone, "I don't go in there anymore because I don't know who might be in there unvaccinated."

I didn't bother to tell him I am unvaccinated, nor that, in fact, the vaccinated became the most often hospitalized and dying, because he only watches CBC, and has no access to independent media.

As we parted and I entered my apartment, I entertained several moments of hate-thoughts against our PM Trudeau, Cdn "Health" TV Experts and Cdn Govt Propaganda TV, and how all are guilty of sowing completely unnecessary fear, division, discrimination, hatred (and Covid/&"vaccine" lies).

I'm now past the moiling, angry stage that moments like this elicit, but left with a flat, dull longing for a world-wide resurrection of truth, exposing every lie, and vindicating every good doctor, nurse, scientist, pastor - every person - who took a stand for truth at great cost.

Prov 13:12 tells us "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life." Because of Jesus, I will not stay moored in hope deferred, I will continue to believe that as promised, "the government will be on His shoulders".

Thank you for this thought-provoking piece, Dr. Christian. Happy Easter to you and your family!

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You always write so beautifully with compassion and empathy. It’s one thing that most people penalized those of us who saw through this charade but quite another that they now won’t admit it or say “oops, I’m sorry”. ❤️

Happy Easter. Hope is a beautiful and necessary thing right now.

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Beautiful and compassionate! Love the reference to Mahatma Gandhi.

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Still working on the ability to love my neighbour after the last few years, as well as the negative emotions toward those in charge.

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Very interesting and thought provoking.

Jesus said several things which makes one wonder about judgement/punishment.

"Let he who is without sin cast the 1st stone".

"Do not judge lest you be judged".

The "love your enemies" one has always been hard for me to do. Actually, they're all hard for me to do.

I do judge these evil ones who forced the masking of toddlers. I do feel antipathy for them. I cannot love them. So your essay is interesting. But would Jesus agree? I'm just asking. I do wonder...Here's to tomorrow.

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Well said, Dr Christian.

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