Amen. This is indeed a spiritual battle. I pray each day for friends and family who have believed the lie including 2 of my 3 children, 2 of my 3 grandchildren, 2 of my three siblings & all three of my husbands siblings. I end each day by reading Psalm 91.

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I plugged your blog post to AI and asked the WEF to send you a warning letter based on it ;)

Dear [Physician's Name],

We at WEF cannot help but find your letter concerning and even dangerous to the readers. The language and tone you used, particularly in the paragraphs referencing the COVID-19 vaccine and transgender individuals, are concerning and lend themselves to further division and misinformation. The insinuation that individuals who believe in the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine or support gender affirmation are deluded and under the influence of the devil is both unfounded and harmful.

There is a wealth of scientific evidence that supports the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines. While some individuals may experience adverse effects, these are rare and do not negate the overall benefits of vaccination. The widespread vaccination efforts around the world have been a necessary step in limiting the spread of the virus and saving lives.

Similarly, the issues surrounding gender identity are complex and cannot be reduced to a simple matter of biological sex. People who identify as transgender have the right to express their gender identity and live without discrimination. It is important to understand and respect diverse expressions of gender identity and not dismiss them as delusions.

Your letter also espouses the belief that education and higher learning institutions are somehow fostering delusion and distorting facts to fit a particular narrative. While it is important to recognize the complexities and nuances of various topics, including those related to gender identity, it is not productive to dismiss scientific evidence and promote alternative perspectives without proper evidence.

In conclusion, we urge you to exercise caution when making claims that undermine the safety and well-being of individuals. We must work together to promote the pursuit of truth and understanding, rather than perpetuating harmful and divisive rhetoric.



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Dear Brother Francis,

Your eloquence is appreciated and admirable.

I only wish that the world would take heed , may I have your permission to share this with my friends and family?

May God Bless,


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Yes Elmer,

You may share my essay widely - it is for everybody.

God bless you too.

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Thank you for this Francis. Since I have become aware of you and your work, writings, my world has become a better place.

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The we must pray for all our blinded brothers and sisters.

This part "...the pathological resistance to the truth of the deluded should convince us that this is more than a psychological phenomenon...", what do you mean "is more"? Do you think the Father of Lies has infiltrated their minds? A type of possession?

I have felt all this last 3.5 years that there is something much deeper going on, that some darkness has infested the minds of so many. Indeed, I pray every day for God to blow away this darkness and fill us all with His light and energy. Amen.

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A lovely metaphor, Francis. And I hope you're wrong that they will never see or hear. Perhaps if our love is strong enough, they will turn to embrace the truth instead.

Your friend at www.gatheryourwits.com and the NCI, Michelle 🙏💙

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Thank you for sharing such beautiful insight to such a tragic situation …

During the last 3 years I prayed for wanting to know and understand the truth and I have been shown. My heart was willing to explore this and God has guided me into knowledge. I cannot unsee or unhear . This is evil, I feel it and I know it exists in our beautiful world.

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Indeed I became convinced after a while that the covid delusion was something more than natural and of course the father of lies is behind it, as he is all lies. His desire is only to steal, kill and destroy and he can only speak lies. Sadly many even supposed believers were deluded by this lie.

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Its a test for mankind! and so many are failing to their own and families detriment, in so many areas of life.

Human beings have been gifted so so much and we have to earn the right to live on this wonderful Planet. A World with all that is needed to survive that is in abundance around us. But being destroyed by evil forces.

Thank you Dr Christian for your beautiful and uplifting messages.

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Jesus describes the deluded of His time and the similarly deluded of every age:

“they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.

And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive:

For this people's heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.”

From: http://SmartestMan.Ca/poembibl

Forever seeing without seeing, men will surely be,

Forever hearing without hearing, you will surely see.

Their hearts have grown so very cold, while striving to survive,

This game where money's less than debt, where all can't stay alive.

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Well written, well said Dr. Christian, as always, you share with Tucker Carlson a gift for providing interesting and insightful contextual references to drive home your key points. You also do your best to follow Gandhi's wise words: "If you know a truth, speak it with as much love and respect as possible, otherwise they will reject the message and the messenger." - Mahatma Gandhi

Since 2020, with the manmade launch/release of the covid-19 gain-of-function virus, with millions of dollars of U.S. NIH financial assistance and with the technical assistance of several American's virologists, working in lock step with the Chinese Military in the Wuhan Laboratory of Virology, we have observed that millions, if not billions of people, appear to have lost touch with reality, with truth, and many have lost their sanity, including some of those who are most academically gifted!

Reason, logic, facts and verifiable truths, proved by numerous peer reviewed studies by some of the brightest doctors and scientists, who were in the minority, have been tossed out the window!

We know evil operates on the basis of lies and deception. Those of us who were and remain connected to God (and Jesus) have not lost our sanity and we cannot relate to How so many have lost their capacity to observe the harms inflicted and lost their capacity to discern the truth based on the factual evidence.

One explanation that has helped me to better understand WHY so many lost their minds, there is an excellent Chart or Map of Consciousness developed by Dr. David Hawkins, an enlightened doctor who wrote numerous books based on kinesiology muscle testing: POWER VS FORCE, TRUTH VS FALSE to name a few of his book. Dr. Hawkins Map of Consciousness has helped me to better relate to those who are lost souls if I may call them this to be as polite and accurate as possible.

What Dr. Hawkins explains, on a Scale of 0 to 1,000 which applies to each one of us, we are somewhere on the Scale at our Average Level of Consciousness, however evolved or enlightened we are, from 0 to 1,000 and we can even move up or down the level of consciousness according to circumstance presented to us at any given hour or on any given day.

Dr. Hawkins explains that Humanity as a Whole is at a Level of Consciousness, just over 200 which is a Critical Point or the Line because 200 is the level of consciousness where Courage begins and where a person can more easily up to being driven by love and truth into Higher levels of consciousness from there. However at a Level of Consciousness of 200 a person can easily fall into fear as well and into the lower levels of consciousness.

As I see it those people who are demonic psychopaths (globalist billionaires playing god with the masses), it my premise these people are not even on this Map of Consciousness! Demonic psychopaths I theorize fall below 0 into negative numbers.

Dr. Hawkins has passed on so it is not possible to ask him what his thoughts are about people who are influenced by satanic forces. But from studying this Map of Consciousness it is my deduction that people who were guided by love = 500, truth = 400, freedom=400, justice=400, fairness, personal and parental responsibility = 400, prior to the manmade C19 crisis caught on quickly to all of the lies, deceptions of the mainstream media and we continued to pursue the truth even more diligently - like drinking from a fire hose - is a common saying I hear from the honest Truth-Seekers - as we refused to follow the delusional thinking of the msm which was able to influence, the majority of people, who did not understand they were being fear controlled, being led to their demise, by their evil puppeteers.

As you refer in your Essay, for those of us who have faith in God, He guided us to see through the fog of the lies and deceptions.

Encouragingly it was one of my observations and I have heard it from others that I became friends with during Covid-19 that it was mainly the Christians who were fearlessly Standing Up for Truth, Freedom of Choice, Informed Consent and Justice.

You Dr. Christian were one of those handful of Canadian doctors (out of nearly 200,000 doctors) who Stood Up out LOVE for children, for truth, reason, logic, Informed Consent and you publicly warned Parents to do their researcher before injecting their children with an experimental mRNA injection, because you had done your research! You knew without a doubt, from the statistics on Government of Canada Covid-19 Daily Update website, that their children were not at any risk of injury or death from covid-19 BUT that their children would be at far greater risk from the experimental injection!

From the vantage point of the Map of Consciousness, you Dr. Christian are above 500 which is LOVE and REASON which is 400 and so from this High Vantage Point it is difficult to understand those who are at a level of fear = 100, apathy = 50, guilt = 30 and shame for not speaking out = 20.

The level of 200 is where COURAGE begins. But it is easy to fall below 200 into pride=175, anger=150, fear=100.

Apathy, guilt, shame are at 50, 40, 30. And those who refuse to speak up when they see wrongs for fear of losing their licenses are at extremely low levels of consciousness which the honest Truth-Seekers cannot relate to!

Those who are at much lower level of consciousness cannot understand us, because they are questioning how we are not afraid?

These people at low levels of consciousness are not at levels of consciousness capable of understanding the honest Truth-Seekers who are operating over 400 Reason and most over 500 Love.

The good news, as was proven by observation, satan and darkness cannot touch those who are above 400!

I always appreciate your Essays Dr. Christian as you are so wise, insightful and eloquent. You are at those high levels of consciousness guided by love, wisdom, reason, truth, and fearlessness! I hope only to add some further context to your wisdom in this excellent Essay! Your friend, Joseph

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So True.

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