And a blessed Canada Day to you too, good doctor 🙏🏼🇨🇦

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You are wise to point out that "We the people have tried to do intensely and relentlessly exactly what the predatory elite have wanted us to do. By continuously trying to deny that terrible things were done to indigenous or minority populations and devoting whole “think tanks” and news outlets to the study of why certain allegations made by the latter are not true, our whole narrative of nationhood has been consumed by a back and forth of blame, counter-blame and justification; thus proving the old adage, “whatever gets your attention, gets you.” And thus also, serving exactly the purposes of our bureaucracy, our governments and their globalists masters."

Some Indigenous poetry on Canada Day:

Duke Redbird's poetry (love "My Moccasins")


Rosanna Deerchild reading her poem about residential school:


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Happy Belated Canada Day, Dr Christian!

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Happy Canada Day a day late, Dr Christian.

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